August 23rd, 2002


LiveJournal Trading Cards

Okay, I want a LiveJournal trading card but I don't want to make my own because I'm curious about what you all would say about me. So make me one and post it and if I can figure out how to, I'll make you one.
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Where should I get my news?

I've wondered about this for years.

Poll #55523 Battle of the Newsmagazines

Which is better?


No, you're wrong... read *this* magazine!

I do think Newsweek has a more liberal bent than Time, which for me is good. And Newsweek's a tiny bit snarkier, which is always good.
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My damned phone

I used to detest cell phones with every fiber of my being. They were so fucking annoying and pretentious. Then I moved to Nashville for the summer and Mom was paranoid about me living outside the Vanderbubble, so she got me a cell phone, and got me one when I moved to Atlanta.

And I got used to it. For the first couple of months I didn't even know my own number, but then I got involved in a long-distance courtship (which led to me paying a couple of outrageous bills and having to switch plans), and even when it ended, I found myself using the phone more and more as the sitation with Alyson the Uber-Bitch continued to disintigrate.

Then I moved and my roommates didn't suck, but the house was in a cell-phone hole, so I didn't use it at home, but I was on the go a lot, so I'd use it everywhere else. I ran up some more bills using it in Washington DC.

Then AT&T told me if I signed up for another year, they'd give me a free month's service, and that sounded good, so I did.

Here's where it gets dicey. I moved, and though the cell phone more or less worked in that place, I dropped it in the sink during an argument with Joe and though the sink was empty, the porcelain was hard and the phone started acting up soon thereafter. Then I moved again into a basement apartment where my phone barely picks up at all. But I haven't been able to afford my own line so I've had to make calls standing out in the rain and cold or sitting in my car.

Okay. As many of you know, my cell phone sucks. No wait. Beyond sucks. Sucks donkey balls. Sucks big hairy smelly donkey balls. If I look at it funny it turns itself off. It shorts out in the middle of conversations all the time. People are constantly asking me to get a new one. Hell, people have told me not to call till I get a new one.

So when I get money, my first purchase pretty much has to be a new phone. This bums me out, because I would much rather get something frivolous and cool like a corset or sexy boots or a DVD player.

My needs for a phone:

** Nationwide long distance. Next to my mom in Tennessee and a few locals, the person I spend the most time on the phone with is probably atomicnumber51 out in San Francisco. I don't want to deal with long distance.

** Free roaming at least as far as Tennessee.

** Durability. In case you haven't noticed, I drop my phone *a lot*.

** Good coverage. AT&T has dead spots all over Atlanta.


Poll #55538 The Great Cell-Phone Debate

Which cell-phone service should I go with?

other (please specify)
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Looking at the schedule for the circulation desk, I see the same guy has volunteered for Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sunday mornings.

I'm sure they're grateful, but dude, he must have no life.
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Job perks

The new law students have just arrived, so my coworkers and I are getting all sorts of free food. Barbecue for lunch, Mexican for dinner... rock.

At Crystal Blue I did tarot readings for two of my coworkers and they both pronounced me magnificently accurate. I was pleased. In return, I got a much-needed shoulder rub. Rock!!

Also, a teenage girl came in with her mom and her friends to get a tarot deck. This was fun because I got to show off my tarot knowledge, recommend good beginner decks... it was fun to watch her choose. I remarked to the mom, "You're really cool; if I'd told my mom when I was a teenager that I wanted a tarot deck, she would have freaked." The mom sensibly said, "If you tell the mind not to go somewhere, it goes there anyway. And this way I get to learn something new too." Smart lady.
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