August 28th, 2002


Oh, wow.

I got a massage tonight from my manager at Crystal Blue, Tim the licensed massage therapist.

I had never gotten a professional massage before. Ohmygosh. Everything is still so nice and gooey...
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Fuckin' aye. I shouldn't get drunk, because when I get drunk I get horny, and I shouldn't get horny.
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Everyone has posted that they're going to Dragon*Con.

Except me.

I was really looking forward to Dragon*Con, with all the fun and the people I want to meet and the cute geek boys and the incomparable deza teaching me how to flirt. But it's not happening. I've got to go to Florida for a wedding of two very dear college friends.

And in a way, I'm kinda relieved. Knowing my luck, there's going to be all sorts of drama at Dragon*Con, and if I've learned something lately, it's that I don't need extra drama.

I'd love to meet all of you. And it's easy enough to arrange. But not at Dragon*Con.
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