September 7th, 2002


The words that change everything

I say it to myself over and over again, letting my tongue caress the words like a lover.

Interlibrary Loan Specialist. Interlibrary Loan Specialist. Interlibrary Loan Specialist.

I'm in love with those words.
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Philosophical question

Does it really count as a good deed when you do something for someone and it helps you as much as it helps them? I think Kant had something to say about this, if I remember my freshman-year philosophy correctly...

Not that it matters. I feel most worthy of this life when I'm helping, especially my friends. I haven't been around much lately, so I send *hugs* to all of those having hard times that I haven't gotten support to. You are all cared for.

I said to my mom a couple months back, "I figured out why I'm here... it's to help people. The problem is, people don't want my help."

Am I a nurturer? I think so. But I need to be needed, in a way that sometimes makes me wonder if I'm a vampire or an enabler or something worse. I hope not. I try to nurture, and I hope to heaven I do a good job.
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