September 10th, 2002


I guess I really am a grownup.

Two days down at the new job. So far, I really like it. My boss is terrific, and I'm picking up the work pretty quickly. And last night after work I sneaked into a law school reception and got free food and free booze, if you're wondering about the post from yesterday. ;)

Today I got my first phone call at work, from someone at the Library of Congress who needs a book from us. I felt really important because someone from the Library of Congress needed my help.

Life is good.
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Haven't you always wanted a K-Car?

Yesterday I was driving to work and I looked in front of me and there it was: a K-Car. A nice Reliant automobile!!

I always thought that was just a Canadian thing or something!
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    If I Had a Million Dollars -- Barenaked Ladies

Perks of the job

I have a little sign with my name and title on it. I tried to talk them into putting "Interlibrary Loan Goddess" on it, but no dice.
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