September 13th, 2002


Some thoughts on Strangers in Paradise

(thanks, Rick, for getting me thinking about this)

Forget Ginger and Mary Ann. For true comics geeks, women fall into two groups, Katchoo and Francine.

Katchoo is witty. Katchoo is talented. Katchoo is drop-dead gorgeous. Katchoo is strong, and she doesn't need anyone. Katchoo leads a very exciting and exotic life. Everyone wants Katchoo. Everyone worships Katchoo. Katchoo is the perfect woman.

Francine is pretty ordinary. She's chubby and insecure about it, and though she desperately wants love, she has horrible luck with men. You wouldn't even notice her on the sidewalk, though you'd drool over Katchoo for days. Francine is caring, compassionate, and loyal, but those qualities mean little next to glittering Katchoo.

And one of these days, Francine's going to get sick of Katchoo getting all the attention (not to mention getting kidnapped etc. because of Katchoo), and she's going to blow Katchoo's fucking head off.
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