October 1st, 2002


Hey Atlanta girly-girls...

Natalia and I want to get fancy haircuts while she's here. Can anyone recommend a really good salon, preferably one I won't have to go into hock for, but better than Supercuts? I'm willing to shell out a little.

And on that note, I need to do something with my hair. Does anyone have any ideas? I need a makeover.
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Highlights from Interz0ne (as promised)

girlvinyl: Shock him with the cattle prod!! Do it for Michelle!!
jonnyx: Hey, Michelle and I are friends!
kellinator: You're both right. You and Michelle are friends. But she'd still laugh her ass off!!

kellinator to Amelia, the chick in the chain-mail bra selling whippings: Here's a dollar. Go whip Shadow.

The seven-foot tall vagina. 'Nuff said.

hugs: Are your clothes on?
Shadow: Yes!!
hugs: Why?!

Being chased around by jonnyx with the cattle prod made me let out a girly squeal, which I hated... which of course just made him do it more.

And my best story of the con:
During the closing bitchfest, I was perched on Shadow's lap while the con awards were named.
jonnyx: Okay, what's the coolest geek toy of the con?
(a pause)
girlvinyl: Kelly!!

I still haven't decided if I'm embarrassed or proud. On one hand, most of the hacker guys will probably never take me seriously now... but on the other hand, I'm The Coolest Geek Toy. How cool is that?!
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