October 17th, 2002


Trivia(l) matters

sirinek, alanator, and I are currently up to playing trivia twice a week. We've been doing quite well for ourselves, and not just in thinking up offensive team names. Like "Stop the Bus and Let My Friend Jack Off" and "Say My Name, Bitch" (long story on that one). And then once Bill asked me what to call the team and I was trying to think of something and said "um, um, um..." and "Um Um Um" we were. I nearly cried the time the guys surprised me by naming the team "Kelly's Heroes."

For those of you who don't know, my head is a big store of useless knowledge. This comes in handy when playing trivia-type games. sirinek didn't believe me when I told him how good I was at trivia. We trash-talked each other for a week over our Trivial Pursuit showdown. I handed his ass to him. =)

Together, the three of us (and whichever other friends make it that night) are pretty damn good. sirinek and alanator are quite the trivia whizzes themselves. But last night we outdid ourselves. I was late because of work, so the guys had dubbed themselves "Sluts with Nuts." On my arrival, we became "Sluts with Nuts and Kelly."

We came within six points of a perfect game.

We scored somewhere around 130 points. Second place was around 60something.

We did so well that one team accused us of cheating. But no, it's because we're so smart.
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