October 25th, 2002


with love to mousegrrl

Senator Paul Wellstone is dead. He was a true hero, a man who understood that being a patriot does not mean being a sheep, a man praised even by his rivals for his kindness and dedication.

In memory of him, I did something I'd kept meaning to do yet putting off: I called my hometown election commission to get my absentee ballot.

The deaths of Sen. Wellstone and his family were senseless, but let's not let them be in vain. Get out and vote for the candidates of your choice (and no, I don't mean your "eenie meenie miney mo" choice).

Anyone can wave a flag. Be a real patriot: Vote.
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A near-perfect Friday night

Not a good day, but I got through it by thinking about what I want tonight.

In order, more or less:

** nummy meal
** Dooley's toffee liquer
** steaming hot bubble bath
** cozy pajamas
** cuddly kitty
** good book
** mindless TV
** crocheting
** music
** chocolate
** candles
** sweet, sweet sleep.
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