October 28th, 2002


The 1,111th entry!!

Okay. Let me explain. I was going to do something to commemorate my first anniversary on LJ in September but I forgot and completely missed it.

Then I was going to make a big deal about my thousandth entry instead but I forgot and completely missed it.

Then yesterday quite by accident I noticed that my next entry would be my 1,111th entry.

That seems worthy of commemoration. So without further ado...

How I Became the Kellinator!!

After an unpleasant breakup in April 2001, I ventured into the world of online personal ads, much to the amusement of my then-roommates (overall, a good bunch). I had come up with the handle "kellamania" a while before and was using it. My roommates took the Rob Schneider Copy Machine Guy bit to the next level...

...and came up with The Kellinator.

At first no one knew how to spell it. But it caught on. To the point where one time I (accidentally) ate Jen's leftovers and she spent five minutes jumping up and down and screaming "My pasta has been Kellinated!!"

You see, I've never been given many nicknames. So that one is special... and the obvious choice for my LJ handle.

Plus, it can mean absolutely anything!! And it's so much fun to say!!
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