November 4th, 2002


The good and the bad

The good:

** Got a parking space
** Made my boss laugh when I suggested our new ID should be "Our ILL is better than your ILL"

The bad:

** Pretty much everything else.
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Now this is too cool for words

My landlord and landlady have invited me to their potluck tomorrow night. But it's not just any potluck. It's an Election Night Yellow-Dog Democrat Beat the Bushes Potluck.

Currently I'm planning on making Dubya's Dumb Artichoke Dip, Saxby Sucks Stuffed Mushrooms, and sugar cookies iced with "W" and "Jeb" in circles with lines drawn through them.
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I keep forgetting that if I were happy every day of my life, I'd be a fucking game show host.
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