November 19th, 2002


Once again proving that the Republicans are mean and the Democrats are dumb.

In spite of some extremely fishy election wrangling, Gov. Siegelman of Alabama is dropping his request for a recount, claiming he wants to do "what's best for the state."

I don't want leaders who do "what's best for the state." I want leaders who do what's right. And I happen to believe that counting every vote, and making sure election returns are accurate, is what's right.

Moving us one step closer to a one-party system...

And just for the record, for me this isn't a Republican-Democrat issue. It's a right-and-wrong issue. If one party is so bought into what the other party says that it rolls over in the name of "what's best for the nation," then for all practical intents and purposes we only have one party.
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I have this vague feeling of guilt and foreboding, like I'm about to be punished for my sins.
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whatta Crock

So... The Crock-Pot experiment.

The food tasted pretty good, but felt more like a bunch of disparate ingredients than any sort of dish-type union. The broth was too weak -- probably I didn't do a good enough job of making the "chicken stock." The curry came through more in color than taste. The garlic was barely present. The hominy was good. Next time I want to aim for something less bland.

Still, I ate two bowls. It might get better in the fridge. And it made the apartment smell good, which is probably the ultimate goal of Crock-Pot cooking.
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