November 26th, 2002


Hey rance!!

I was telling my boss that Pravda has become the Russian Weekly World News, so I was going to show him the website, but I'm there now and I can't find anything funny? What gives? Are you trying to make me look dumb in front of my boss?
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Yes!! Let's get those missiles ready to destroy the universe!!

From :

The Rogue Nation of Kellamania
"We laugh to keep from crying."

UN Category: Liberal Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Developing
Political Freedoms: Superb

Location: the Pacific

"The Rogue Nation of Kellamania is a tiny, socially progressive nation, notable for its absence of drug laws. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 6 million love a good election, and the government gives them plenty of them. Universities tend to be full of students debating the merits of various civil and political rights, while businesses are tightly regulated and the wealthy viewed with suspicion.

The large, corrupt government is mainly concerned with Social Welfare, although Education and Religion & Spirituality are secondary priorities. The average income tax rate is 30%, but much higher for the wealthy. A tiny private sector is dominated by the Automobile Manufacturing industry.

Euthanasia is legal. Crime is relatively low. Kellamania's national animal is the cat, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the fitzgerald."

I find it fascinating that my civil rights went from "average" to "excellent" as soon as I legalized euthanasia. I'm a little put out that I was just a generic "liberal democratic socialist" instead of something more interesting, like a "Scandinavian liberal paradise" or "civil rights lovefest." (Does anyone have a list of all the possibilities?) And in case you can't see my flag, it's the Welsh dragon.

Who else is playing? Post here so I can add you to my dossier! Maybe we can start our own region! (Hell, I'm thinking about starting another nation that's completely off its rocker!)
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