December 5th, 2002


Oh, phooey!!

My inner five-year-old is stomping her foot and pouting, "But I wanted a snooow daaaaay!!"

Come to think of it, my inner five-year-old isn't so different from my outer 24-year-old, 'cept the 24-year-old cusses a lot more.
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Guilt-free drama!!

Do you ever feel guilty for being amused when you see LJ Drama going on, even though it's amusing, because it usually means that someone is getting hurt or getting screwed or both?

Well, no guilt with this one! Go to news to see a bunch of brats whining that they're "entitled" to post every five minutes and they're being discriminated against even though they don't pay for or otherwise support LJ.

Some truly excellent smackdowns there!! And everyone that gets one deserves it!!

(Guess I'm an old fart. *wanders off muttering "you kids get off my lawn*)
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Karma: It's everywhere you go.

One of the guys at Crystal Blue has a t-shirt that says that and I love it.

Poll #81042 Karma, baby

Do you believe in karma?

Fuck yes!!
Hell no!!

I believe in karma, despite the fact that I've very rarely if ever seen it in action. I think it's a defense mechanism to keep me from going insane.
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