February 24th, 2003


Wanted: Your dirty jokes!!

As some of you know, I, along with jerseygirl1, elizabethf, and jplantyhamchuk, visit a gentleman named Tim. Tim has a degenerative mitochondrial disease (as described in this article: http://www.atlanta.creativeloafing.com/2003-01-22/cover.html ; I'm actually the "Georgia State researcher" mentioned in the first paragraph, though I'm not really), which means he can't move or speak, but his mind is fine. He communicates with us through moving his eyes. Occasionally if he likes something he will break into a wonderful smile. I'll never forget how happy I was the first time I got him to smile.

Well, this is all a roundabout way of saying... Tim loves dirty jokes. I showed him the South Park movie last night and he grinned through "Uncle Fucker." Unfortunately, my stock of dirty jokes is depleted. Help me out, please?
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