February 27th, 2003



I have decided that the wringing of the office fax machine is the most annoying sound on earth.

And it won't fucking stop.

Today I have managed to successfully laugh off whiny professors, bitchy students, and a garden variety of other annoyances, but I am undone by a damned inanimate object.
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It really makes me sad that Mr. Rogers is gone. It feels like losing a family friend. I kid you not -- I nearly cried.

Rest in peace, Mr. Rogers. If there is a heaven, I know you're there.
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Cell phones suck. Period.

I am starting to get extremely pissed at the fact that my new cell phone will not activate and the guy who sold me the phone isn't being much help. I am starting to think that people involved with the cell phone industry tend to have tapioca for brains.
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