March 20th, 2003


Where I was

I was in T.J.'s playing trivia with sirinek when the speech came on.

After a couple minutes I wouldn't even look at the TV. I put my head in my hands and started crying.

And then when it was over, what seemed like the whole bar started cheering.

I went out to my car and screamed for five minutes.
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Link time

Disclaimer: I know not everyone agrees with me. I'm stressed enough, so please don't flame, because I don't flame you.

A critique of Bush's address to the nation:

Michael Moore has a list of things you can do to protest:

Because frankly, I intend to spend the duration drinking a lot of cheap French wine. (Actually, I prefer cheap German wine, but French sounds better in context.)

The Very Secret Diaries of George W. Bush:
and Hans Blick:
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Poll time

My mom and I were having this argument last night...

Can one person make a difference?


My mom says I'm only one person and I can't change anything, and I have to stop being so passionate or I'll drive myself crazy.

I say if I stop being passionate, I'll lose the best part of me. And I'm already crazy, so it doesn't matter.
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