March 25th, 2003


Drama du jour

This morning I was reading a book about the secrets of happy people, how they don't get bent out of shape over little stuff.

Then I lost a contact.

I now remember why I'm not a happy person. Just about any little thing that goes wrong (in my defense, this was a little more than usual; I'm now squinting out of a pair of mangled glasses that look worse than Harry Potter's pre-Hogwarts, and the Emory health care people just completely suck -- they know you have to come there, so why should they both making it pleasant for you? Fuck them, I'm going to LensCrafters) puts me into hysterics, makes me feel like I have no control over my life.

I'm a little calmer now. But now I'm upset with myself.

*whimpers* I don't wanna be a crazy person.
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Homicide fangirliness

Whee!! I have a Homicide icon (at least until I find one I like better, but this one is pretty good). Now I can use it for when I want to post total fangirl babblings like Homicide is now up to #11 on the DVD Bestseller list at Amazon!! Cementing our status as a total cult show!!
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