April 1st, 2003


Post-game report

The Hawks game was fucking cool.

sirinek picked me up in his BMW convertible. I had ridden in it before, but never a long distance, and roaring down the HOV lane going ninety miles an hour with the wind in your hair and waving your arms is a really fucking cool experience!!

Bill and I were the first ones to the suite and it was swanky. There was food and booze waiting for us (good vodka, even!) and I met some of Bill's co-workers. One woman admitted "I hate basketball, I just come for the food." (Her husband and sons were having a blast though.) And the dessert cart was a thing of beauty.

The only drawback is that being that far away from the court takes you out of the game, the energy of the crowd. Not that there was much -- the Sixers blew out the Hawks and I think more people were there to cheer Allan Iverson than the entire Atlanta team.

All in all, it was an awesome experience. Thanks, sirinek!!
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