April 4th, 2003


Linguistic question

Does anyone know where, when, or how the word "snarky" came about? I don't remember hearing it until just a very few years ago, and now it's everywhere. Especially if you're talking to me. ;)

I love the snark. The snark is good.

Because I can always tie something back to "Homicide: Life on the Street":

Kellerman: "You sure you want me with you?"
Bayliss: "Yeah, sure, why not?"
Kellerman: "I dunno, the last time we worked together you were kinda...snarky."
Bayliss: "Snarky?"
Kellerman: "Yeah, snarky, you know, from the ancient Greek, meaning 'butthead?'"

(hear it at http://www.schlock.net/hsounds.html)
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