April 21st, 2003


Bizarre comment of the day

(this post dedicated to scarcrest, who will probably understand it the most.)

This weekend I discovered that I have a lot in common with Tony Soprano.

I bet I know what you're thinking: "What could a New Jersey mob boss and everyone's favorite foul-mouthed interlibrary loan specialist possibly have in common?"

The answer is simple for anyone who's seen me at my goofiest. Wading out into a swimming pool in my bathrobe to talk to ducks ("You like that ramp I built you? If you don't I'll build you another one") is exactly something I would do.
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Soliciting suggestions

Okay, tomorrow's the Big 2-5 (helpfully mentioned here because I know you all want to buy me presents ;) ) and my quarter-life crisis is in full swing (hell... it has been for years!), so I've decided I need a theme song for my "I'm 25 and I was supposed to have published two books and finished a Ph.D. by now but instead I'm an overeducated broke errand wench" quarter-life crisis. Any suggestions?
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