April 22nd, 2003


Happy birthday to meeeee!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. I feel special!! :)

And I will be at the LiveJournal Meetup at Twain's in Decatur tonight if any of you want to come buy me drinks and flirt with me.
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The audition

Because I know you're all dying to know how it went!!

The morning started stressfully when traffic was much heavier than I expected. But my prayers were answered and I arrived on time. There were probably about fifty people there and a camera crew from Macon.

The test was hard. It was fifty questions, without the helpful puns usually contained in Jeopardy clues. I was most confident on the pop-culture questions and luckily there were quite a few literature as well.

After the test the coordinators had a question-and-answer session while the tests were graded. I learned a lot about the show, though damned if I can remember any of it right now. At the end of the session they had door prizes -- a Jeopardy baseball cap if your chair had tape on the back. Mine didn't, but the empty one next to me did, so at the urging of others, I popped into the seat and won the cap. ;)

Then they started reading the list -- and my name was the first called!! I nearly fell out of my seat.

They narrowed the field down to twelve for the mockup, and I was in the last batch (which gave me more time to get nervous). I did quite well in this part -- actually remembered to phrase in the form of a question! -- and then they had the mockup interviews. I quipped that one of the reasons one of my lifetime ambitions was to be on Jeopardy was that I wanted to disprove the email forward I got in college which was a list of "Things You'll Never Hear a Southerner Say" and included "I'll take Physics for $800, Alex." This got one of the biggest laughs of the morning, which delighted me. I think I managed to show my personality as well as my mad skillz.

So now my name goes in the database and I may or may not be on the show in the next fourteen months. Either way, it was a great way to spend my birthday!!
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