April 24th, 2003


It appears that I am turning into Homer Simpson.

Because the students are having finals, there are donuts downstairs.

Donuts. Free donuts. Maybe even Krispy Kreme. And they have my favorite, apple-filled donuts.

But I am sitting here trying really hard to convince myself that I am completely enjoying my Balance bar, and I do not need or want a donut.

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I'm not that innocent

Yet another product of a late-night conversation with atomicnumber51... God bless nationwide long-distance...

Natalia and I have decided that I look eminently sweet and innocent. The problem with this being, people tend to assume I'm boring as fuck and/or go into shock when I open my sweet lil' mouth and something that sounds like dialogue from a Kevin Smith movie comes out. (Actually, Kevin Smith is probably more eloquent or at least creative than I am. My current most-used expressions are "Fuck!!", "Fuck fuck fuck!!", and "Shit fuck!!") Therefore, we need to change my image. Unfortunately all we've been able to come up with so far is that we could capitalize on my paleness by going Goth. Natalia thinks lots and lots of eyeliner would do the trick.
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