April 28th, 2003


Mmmmm!! Cake!!

A birthday party from your coworkers is one of the best possible ways to begin a week!

And Will remembered I'm a chocoholic! Mmmmmmm for chocolate cake with chocolate pudding layers!!
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For all the disgruntled Anita Blake fans...

Considering a recent conversation with one of you, I thought this might go over well.

("Has your website reviewed the new Anita Blake yet?"
"Not yet. How is it?"
**uncontrollable foaming at the mouth**)

Reviews of Cerulean Sins.

Our review at All About Romance (the website I review for, and it's good dammit!!):
and a brilliant parody by one of our reviewers:

Mrs. Giggles (one of the snarkiest people on the web, and yes that is a compliment):
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disgusting chores

I have to clean my apartment tonight. No ifs, ands, or buts. It's a fucking disaster area. (Still not as bad as it's been at some times, but hey, I'm 25 now, right? I have to start trying to pass myself off as a grownup!)

I figure if I'm stuck having to do it, I might as well get a pizza and some cider, turn on the NBA playoffs (nobody I like is playing tonight!! booooo!!!! [well, I do like the Jazz, but I don't think anyone's betting on them this year]) and make an evening of it.

By 10 pm I expect I'll be calling atomicnumber51 to complain that it's just a fridge and I don't really want to be a grownup anyway.
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The name thing that's going around, with witty commentary

From http://www.namestusa.com/index.html:

(Irish Gaelic)
well, at least they got that right

~ meaning ~
so I'm told. Does this mean I get some cool weapons?

~ motivation ~
Is motivated to overcome challenges
wait, what's my motivation?

~ character ~
Known for being fearless
If by "fearless" you mean "reckless," sure, okay

~ feelings ~
Is a person who is not easily upset

~ intelligence ~
Has ability to concentrate
Well, someti-- oooooh, shiny.

~ spiritual ~
Not easily swayed in their beliefs
you mean "stubborn as fuck"? Yeah, I'll buy that

~ nature ~
Has a dignified personality
the person who carted around a Tamagotchi in college on a whim?

~ inherent ~
Noted for your composure
I'll only believe it if you've got photographic proof
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