May 8th, 2003


I have no work ethic today

If it's going to be this slow all summer, I'm going to be bored off my fucking gourd.

Not that I don't like having things calm and leisurely, but this is the point where the only thing to do is boring-ass busywork and such...
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Long car drives

After almost three years in Atlanta, which I have renamed The City of Pimps and Infidels, I know the route back to Pulaski pretty damn well. I think I can tell you where every Arby's this side of Birmingham is, and there's this Super Wal-Mart almost exactly halfway there where I stop and top off my tank. I almost have a working knowledge of Birmingham radio -- I like 107.7 because they usually play something I can screech along with -- Sunday it was Dexter Freebish, "Leaving Town." And there's no one there to tell me not to sing.

The trip (four hours if I push it, more if I stop too long for food or there's traffic or construction) is usually a pain in the ass. I've discovered my attention span is about three hours, which makes the last hour agonizing. But sometimes, especially if I'm driving at night and there aren't many people on the roads, sometimes I like it. It gives me time to think.

I was thinking last Thursday night as I hurtled across Alabama hoping not to encounter any state troopers about the past three years, since college graduation. All the mistakes I've made, going from being "the smart girl" that I'd been all my life to a walking disaster...

...and I realized, One thing's for sure: It hasn't been boring.
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