June 11th, 2003


My 30-second review of VH1's Top 100 Song list


This list is utter shit. It offends my sense of aesthetics. Fucking "Baby One More Time"?! Only if the Afghan Whigs are covering it, as scarcrest would say. And is it rock or pop? "My Heart Will Go On" isn't rock. I'm not even sure if it's pop. I think it's a showtune. You want a great song? Then where the fuck is "Baby Got Back"? I done told ya that my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hon!!

Get off the crack, VH1.
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A bit on dating from a female point of view

(first posted by neteng, reprinted with permission)

I find this fascinating and disturbing and am dying to open it up for discussion. True? False? What about women?

Why SOME of You Guys Are Having Trouble Meeting Women
(This wasn't written by myself - I'm not crafty enough to realize some of these things on my own.)

- You don't want any woman larger than a Size 4
- You don't want any breasts smaller than a 36C
- You want only white or Asian women (who fit the above physical requirements)
- You want her to have a career, but not be so focused on it that it takes attention away from YOU (otherwise she is a frigid, career-driven bitch)
- You want her to be sexually adventurous and kinky, but not to have had an adventurous or kinky past (that makes her easy, a slut, a piece of meat)
- If she wants kids, she's trying to trap you; if she doesn't, she's a frigid manhating,kidhating, family-hostile feminist bitch
- You want an educated woman but who isn't strident/opinionated/bitchy
- You want a girl who looks like a model (stylish and put together) but not one who is overly concerned with fashion or materialism
- You don't want a 'dinner whore' but if a woman pays for dinner your manhood is insulted
- You whine about why women don't smile at you on the street, and when we explain to you that many men basically consider it an invite to harass or threaten us you discount what we've said - do you listen, or do you just want to hear yourselves talk?
- You say you want a super smart or super sexual woman but you are totally threatened by them
- You think women are there to validate your existence/good looks/success/blah blah blah
- You throw your good looks/money/success/flash car around as bait and then wonder why you attract gold-diggers
- You spew hatred towards women and then wonder why women can't stand you - do you think we're stupid?
- You insist til you are blue in the face that there are no good women left in SF when there's actually an army of them - they're just not the brainless, spineless, 98-lb geisha dolls you really want
- If you want a woman that is beautiful, in shape, smart, successful, gracious, etc., you just have high standards for yourself
- If a woman wants a man that is all of the above, she is unrealistic, expects perfection, and should lower her standards and 'get real'.
- You really don't want a woman who's an equal. You want a combo-platter whore/housekeeper/mommy. No one wants to be your Mommy, buddy. Or your whore or housekeeper for that matter.
- You want the hot pussy but you don't want to be obligated to call her afterwards. WTF?
- If a woman 'gives it up' too easily and fucks you without a bunch of dating and dinners, etc., she's a whore/slut
- If a woman won't fuck you until you've had a bunch of dating/dinners, etc, she's a gold-digging dinner whore
- You always talk about what women should be doing for you instead of what you could be doing for them to show them how much you enjoy their attention/time/energy - this goes both ways
- You blame women for your dating woes instead of either asking yourself if the issue might be you or all the other men who treat women like shit and force us to be wary and self-protective

Of course I am playing devil's advocate a little bit, but from what I read posted on this site all the time you guys seriously do demonstrate the above. Guys (and girls, too, for that matter), wake up. People are people. I'm a woman and believe me, it's just as hard meeting decent men in SF as women, if not harder. No one has a monopoly on malice or virtue, but I do think men are by and large pretty ignorant of the daily reality of women's lives and what a struggle it is and continues to be. Life is struggle for men, too, but you are NOT subjected to the same type of BS (namely, sexual) we are (when was the last time you smiled at a woman on the street and she followed you and threatened to rape you? When was the last time someone got you pregnant and bailed on you? When was the last time you went into a corner store to buy a Coke and the guy behind the counter told you to give him a smile? and that's just the tip of the iceberg).

Everyone just get real.
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