June 17th, 2003


Latest irritation

I heard on the radio this morning about this poll (link helpfully provided by 39orangestreet), which shows that a third of Americans think we've found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, over 20% think the Iraqis actually used WMD against us, and half of Americans believe at least some of the September 11 hijackers were Iraqi (hint: no, but try our "allies" in Saudi Arabia, a regime as repressive and corrupt as Saddam's, but one that gives us oil so we provide blowjobs on demand).

It's not even the political implications that I'm most pissed off about. Politicians of all stripes lie. But the fact that the average American is just totally ignorant of the news disturbs me deeply. Even the DJs on 99X, hardly a hotbed of pinko liberalism, were mocking Fox (Faux) News as they read this story. But hey, it's good enough for Joe Q. Public, and the rest of the liberal media is just lying to you...

The liberal media is a myth.
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In news that should surprise no one...

vill rocks!! Of course, you all already knew this. But she rocks just as much in person as she does in LJ-land.

Best line of the day (in a comics discussion):
kellinator: The fictional character I'm desperately in love with is Cassidy [from Garth Ennis' Preacher]."
vill: That explains a lot about your choices in men.
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