July 19th, 2003



Here's a perfect example of Kellinator Logic: Get dolled up to the point where you look possibly the hottest you've ever looked, then go to a gay bar!

Hauled ass up to Athens last night to meet with the lovely ga_sunshine, kelsaborg, greyknight, football_swan, arkhamrefugee, es, and deza. We all got dolled up, pranced for the camera, and piled into the van like it was one of those cars that twenty-seven clowns get out of. This was quite amusing, as we had one more person than we had seats, and Russ was sitting on the floor at cleavage level, much to his delight.

(We interrupt this LiveJournal post to bring you an announcement: deza's cat is psycho. Thank you.)

So we headed to Boneshakers, which was mucho mucho fun even if the guys there were too busy checking each other out to check me out. I was wearing what shall heretofore be known as The Little Black Top, also known as The Slutty Black Top, which was dubbed by atomicnumber51 and gamgee The Fuck-Me Top. Oh, and es graciously let me borrow her collar. But we ALL looked hot, and danced muchly. I don't think I've ever seen anyone dance as much as es. She is a dancing dynamo.

Then relevantpink arrived with some of her friends! She made my night by giving me a big hug and squealing "You're beautiful!!" She's beautiful herself, with gorgeous hair, and oh my gosh, the red vinyl pants. Those ruled!

So we danced until they threw us out, then took twelve people to IHOP, where I fear we may have been loud and obnoxious (I was cautioned to use my inside voice). Oh, I was a leeetle inebriated and started polling the crowd on which was better, my tits or my ass. So kelsaborg decided to go ask the cops who were working security. They both said breasts. I blew them kisses.

So much much fun was had by all. Yaaaaaay!!
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Kitty question

From deza:

"A few days ago, Kitty Sally got her leg caught in a bit of wrought iron. She was highly traumatized by this--even though she got out without any permanent damage, for a while she was trying to gnaw her leg off, and she really ripped into greyknight's hand.

Since then, she has been an utter bitch.

Yesterday, she seriously clawed both Rowan and arkhamrefugee without provocation. I really don't know how to handle this. She was a very sweet, affectionate kitty, but with all the upheaval, she's turning mean. I don't want to give up on her, but I'm getting concerened for the kids' safety.

Any suggestions for de-traumatizing a cat?"
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