July 23rd, 2003


Behold my awesome hair!!

So I went home last night with my box of Egyptian Plum Natural Instincts Exotic hair dye. (Picking this out probably looked quite bizarre. There I was in CVS sitting on the floor attempting to describe shades of red/purple to atomicnumber51. Actually, since she has DSL, she just pulled up the hair-dye websites and was able to follow along pretty well.) This time I had no intentions of dyeing my neck purple, so I slathered a metric fuckton of Vaseline on my neck.

Using "grown-up" hair dye is a hell of a lot easier than trying to figure out what to do with that little bottle of goth bait. They give you directions, they give you gloves, and it doesn't seem to stain so badly, though I sacrificed one towel for the cause.

So... I think it looks pretty good. It's really dark, but when the light catches it it looks really cool. And I think I can still get away with my pink lipstick -- actually, I think the pink lipgloss looks pretty good with it.

But right now it's greasy. Really greasy. I guess it's a combination of the super-moisturizers and all that Vaseline which got into my hair. I can't wash it till tonight. In the meantime I look like Snape's long-lost daughter. His long-lost beautiful smart Mary Sue daughter, of course...
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begging a favor

I hate to beg, but is anyone out there good with making icons? I want to make some out of some recent pictures...

EDIT: I'm not really sure what I want done with the pictures, I just want something cute. And I need a new "piss off" icon.
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Shiny San Francisco Stories: Chris and Kel's excellent gaijin adventure!

One of the places in San Francisco gamgee was most eager to take me to was Japantown.

Japantown is, basically, this huge mall with all sorts of delicious Japanese restaurants and shops. Chris and I had a tasty lunch, then he tried to ease me in without giving me culture shock or offending anyone else. Just before we walked into the stationery store, he pulled me over and ordered me not to squee over any of the adorable kawaii stuff I was about to see. "Squeeing bad?" "Very bad."

The Japanese stationery store was a sight to behold. Anyone who loves words needs a Japanese notebook. The paper is just... buttery. Like a fine wine. I was in raptures. Also, sometimes the notebooks have amusing Engrish on them. I got one that was labeled "Private time for sensuous people." How could I resist?

Then we went to a store where I got cute little chopstick rests and chopsticks with sheep on them. At this point Chris basically said "What was I thinking? By now most people are in culture shock from all the silly little trinkets, but you like the trinkets."

Then Chris took me to the wonderfully sparkly Japanese grocery, which has all sorts of weird and wonderful things, like the Japanese soft drink that has a glass marble rolling around in it and tastes kinda like Sprite. My cultural horizons were broadened, plus I had a tasty drink.
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