July 25th, 2003


Games night!!

Forces seem to be conspiring these days to turn me into a gamer! Last night I made it to dwivian's Thursday Game Night for the first time and met madmexican (hi!) and saw melonaise and her boy for the first time in ages. We played Munchkin, which I've heard many people talk about but which I had never actually played. This game is a hoot and a half. Since it's illustrated by John Kovalic (the guy who does Dork Tower), I kept snatching cards out of people's hands to giggle over them. I was an Elf, with a bow with ribbons which I'm sure Legolas would have envied. I was also a Thief, but I didn't steal a single thing. I can't even play dirty in games. dwivian was the badass wizard in charge for most of the game, but I managed to sneak up and win!

Thanks to dwivian for his hospitality!
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