July 31st, 2003


Predicting the news

It occurred to me today that if they do catch Saddam Hussein, I expect they'll cut off his head and FedEx it to Washington so Bush can hold it up on TV and say "neener neener neener."
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Here at the Library of the Damned...

(I just came up with that, Library of the Damned. I think it fits. And even if it doesn't fit, I like it. So there.)

I knocked over some binders on the shelf and the Devil Duckies took a flying leap to the floor. They want to wreak havoc. The purple Devil Duckie stayed on the monitor because it's smarter than the rest.

I have a bad feeling that all of the Devil Duckies are going to end up with names and personalities before this is all over.

Idle hands do the Devil Duckies' work.
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