August 1st, 2003


can I get a woo-HOO!!!!!

Remember the AT&T fiasco a few months back?

(For those of you joining us in progress, AT&T Wireless pulled a sneaky fine-print trick on me which led to many irate phone calls and much profane posting.)

Much to my surprise, AT&T kept their word to the Better Business Bureau. I got a check in the mail yesterday for a substantial partial refund.


For once in my life, I refused to back down, and I won!!
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I still say Puff Daddy should have won for feminine

Made it to games night last night at dwivian and elfgirl's, with madmexican and his lady love Dorothy and digitaldevil who I hadn't seen in forever and a whole bunch of people whose LJ names I can't remember because I am a dumbass. We decided to play Apples to Apples, which was cool with me because I was like the last person on earth who hadn't played it. Now I see why. That game is addictive. And I'd really like to test dwivian's declaration that it's even better with alcohol.

So the idea was tossed out that the words you win say something about you. Considering that the words I won were "dangerous," "odd," "misunderstood," "distinguished," and "obnoxious," I'm pretty concerned. Not to mention my other word, "Wookiee" (as in, "let the Wookiee win"). I have Dwiv to thank for this. Oh well, I guess everyone needs a dumb nickname or six...
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