August 8th, 2003


More inane Homicide ramblings

After neglecting it for a while, I'm thinking about getting back into my Homicide fanfic, maybe even starting a new list for it since most of the old ones have died off, but since I second-guess myself, I'm wondering if it's the best use of my time.

Poll #166175 Fanfic

Should I get back into writing my Homicide fanfic?

Yes! It's good practice, and it makes you happy.
No! You're wasting time you should be spending on the novel and/or comic.
If you insist on writing fanfic, couldn't you at least write it in a fandom people actually read, instead of Homicide?
Only if you're going to write slash.

If I write it, would you like to read it?

Hell yes!!
Fuck no!!
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