August 15th, 2003


I'm perky... without caffeine, even!!

I am all fucking kinds of happy because I made it to work on time this morning.

My real morning problem is getting out of bed in the first place more than anything else. I am Queen of the Snooze Button. But when I finally got up, I took some of your suggestions -- putting on music (I picked Johnny Cash) and eating breakfast. I am convinced that the breakfast is the difference -- having it first thing rather than waiting till I get to work. I am perky fucking wired.

Also I got to bed earlier last night, though I fell asleep before I could take the melatonin and valerian.

Exercise in the mornings is a great idea, but I doubt I can pull it off. My latest way to add exercise is going out in the street in front of the house at night (it's a quiet residential neighborhood) and pacing while I talk on the phone. It's much better than attempting to hold a signal in the apartment, and the conversation distracts me. I can go for a while that way. Must keep doing this. It could be half an hour a night at least, usually more.

Anyway... perky perky perky. Thanks for all the help, guys! *hugs*
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In the "our thoughts create our realities" department:

Is it just me, or have you ever noticed that when you're running late, you hit all the red lights and will inevitably get stuck behind a slow-moving dumptruck? It happens to me all the fucking time -- it's not a morning commute if I don't bellow "DRIVE, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, DRIVE!!!"

This morning, I was on time. And I made even better time. Was that because the traffic patterns are slightly different a few moments earlier? Or is it because I stayed calm and wasn't focused on all the things I could run into?

And if it's really the case, why don't we fix our perspectives? Is it because we (I) find it more fun to be all doom and gloom?

Food for thought.
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More answers

satia: Satin bikinis.

dellaran: Like I haven't heard that before! :P

wolfieboy: Surprisingly enough, yes. Now I have to figure out how to balance that with more grown-up concerns.

rance: Not really. I'm just a nosy wench.

bethynyc: Thanks!

salog: Unfortunately, sounds like the party's off. :(

logand: I'd love that.

darkmattr: We're probably being punished for our sins.

kimberly_a: I'm not sure. Curiosity, I guess. I've always been a little too fascinated with what other people think. And yes, I do read yours, though I'm sometimes forced to skim due to time constraints. No offense taken. :)

dwivian: Because I'm broke.

I'll continue later! Keep 'em coming!!
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