August 22nd, 2003


Fun with the latest virus

I walked in this morning and turned on my computer to discover that one of my email accounts had received 1,380 spam messages thanks to the latest worm.

But it's Friday, I get a free banquet lunch, and I'm going to Athens, so fuck it!!
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To con or not to con...

I'm still wavering on whether or not I'm going to DragonCon. At this point I'm thinking I'm leaning towards getting a one-day pass for Saturday, possibly another for Sunday if I'm having enough fun at official stuff. If I like it, next year I'll plan ahead and do it with all the trimmings (costume etc.). And I don't believe I need a badge just to hang out with you guys at the hotel, depending on location of course.

Poll #171512 DragonCon

Wanna try and meet up with me at DragonCon?

Yes, definitely!
Maybe, if I have time.
Sorry no, too busy.

Where's the best place to meet you (dealer's room, etc.)?

Are there any specific events (parties, etc.) you'd like for me to know about?

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Yes, I know!! I'm becoming an ultra-annoying quiz whore!!

But this one is so GOOD!!

Livejournal Mood Ring

is worn out.

Sleep when you're dead! Whether it's emotionally or physically, you're exhausted. Have you considered sleeping pills? I took them when I had mono, and they made everything better.

brought to you by interim32. wanna know your livejournal's mood ring
color? enter your username and hit the button.

See how accurate it is? I put in a few of y'all's names and nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the accuracy or lack thereof.

Okay, I'm settling down. No more quizzies. At least, not until I find one good enough to top this.

(ganked from theashifaction)
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