August 26th, 2003



I could write an entry bitching about the morning I'm having...

...but I don't feel like contributing to the general negativity in the world, so I'll just say: Gail Simone is starting another run on the comic book Agent X and the first page starts with a great parody of blogging/LiveJournaling, complete with a silly online quiz.
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Weekend update

Big fun weekend. I really like that Big Fun Weekends are becoming the norm around here. Though they make me kinda zombie on Monday.

Saturday night was an excellent party at kittybecca's! There was much green punch with dry ice for that horror-movie look, burgers, guacamole (mmmmm... guacamole), lovely lovely people, and the Gourds' version of "Gin and Juice" that I'm completely obsessed with. Good times!

Then Sunday I headed up to Athens to finally meet sujata, who is a hoot and a half. She brought along john666 and we ate Italian food and snarked a lot. Then it was off to meet their friends Scott and Steve to draw up our characters for a superhero gaming campaign.

Funny, despite all my gamer friends I've never actually played an RPG. We're going to fix that. From the recesses of my memory I found a character I'd written for a Zombietown campaign that we never got around to playing in college and rewrote her -- an utterly normal newly minted Ph.D. in psychology who got struck by lightning at Stonehenge and developed telepathic powers (and the ability to shoot flames by snapping her fingers, which she uses primarily for lighting cigarettes) as a result. This should be fun!
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