August 27th, 2003


I'm not your red-headed stepchild

Remember the bit from Animaniacs, Good Idea/Bad Idea?

Good idea: Dyeing your hair Feria Blowout Burgundy.
Bad idea: Dyeing your hair Feria Blowout Burgundy after drinking a whole bottle of muscedine wine.

I don't really have an excuse for the wine, just that I had had a really bad day yesterday and figured that a glass of wine would be nice while watching the Law and Order/Homicide crossover on TNT. Unfortunately I had forgotten that the crossover really sucked because it was while Tom Fontana was going through his little "I don't wanna have the Best Damn Show on Television, I wanna sell out and get ratings and I'm going to do it with my beefcake-cop-with-a-heart-of-gold, Jon Seda, while real actors like Andre Braugher and Kyle Secor and, really, the whole damn cast get shafted" phase, before he discovered HBO and the joys of full-frontal male nudity. So Pembleton et al are standing around while Falsone runs around thinking he's the star of the show. "I care the most of all! I'm going to beat someone up! You dunno Janine!" until I had no choice but to drink heavily. And the last crossover was so damn good... Oh well. If nothing else, the episode is inspiring me to finish up the fic I started where Munch, Lewis, and Bayliss start a betting pool over who's going to be the first to punch Falsone.

But anyway, I had decided that my hair was faded out and it was time for another dye job -- permanent this time, none of that wussy semipermanent crap. With telephone help from ariedana I selected my brand and color. I got the dye all over the place, but I probably would have done that stone-cold sober, so whatever. Then I had some more wine and soaked in a nice bubble bath while it set.

It looks great. It's really dark, really red with maybe a hint of purple, definitely not a color that anyone has naturally. My mom (who for some reason thinks me dyeing my hair this particular color is the end of the world, she didn't bitch years ago when I got blond highlights because that's "normal", somebody tell her that red is the new blond) will shit kittens. It'll be great.
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Time-limited micromeme

This both rocks AND rules.

As described by beetiger:

At exactly 5 pm today, post a single line of poetry, from anywhere. No title, no mood. We should all then be able to open our friends pages and read an amalgamated poem-like thing. Not sure what's going to happen with the time zones, but I'll be using Eastern time.

Thanks to rainstorm13 for passing it along.
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