September 1st, 2003



Oh my gosh. Dragon*Con was so much fun. I had so much fun my head is still spinning. I need to go home and sleep. It's going to take me a week to LiveJournal all the good parts. My head is still spinning. I already said that. If I got to see you, I'm glad! If I missed you, I'm sorry, I lost my phone-number list. Everyone is tired of hearing me squee about Judd Winick. But, y'know, it's motherfucking Judd Winick!!! so what do you expect? By the way, in this context the adjective motherfucking is a good thing, not a bad thing. Because I'm foul-mouthed. But so is Judd, so I think he would understand.

Oh my gosh. I'm so tired. When I'm more coherent I'll write all the good quotes and the signs you've had too much to drink at Dragon*Con and all the cool stuff and all the cool people...
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