September 11th, 2003


I fuckin' love edie22

Look at the shiny RPS she wrote for me! (Yes, this is the one that got me dubbed "the evilest person alive.") Check it out. Even if you don't like RPS.

Title: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Pairing: George W. Bush/ Tony Blair
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I doubt this happened. Please for the love of God, I hope this never happened.
Summary: George just wants to have his friends over
Notes: For kellinator Happy RPS-aversary to me!
Words: 228

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My own version of fandom wank

I picked up the fall TV preview issue of Entertainment Weekly (though I don't know why; I don't watch much TV anymore and when I do it's hardly ever the networks -- it's almost always basketball, forensic-type shows, Law and Order reruns and "edgy" basic-cable TV-MA dramas like The Shield and Playmakers where the characters say "shit" and cheat on their wives. Oh, and Blind Date. Don't forget Blind Date. I heart Blind Date). I primarily got it for the stormtroopers (thanks, darkmattr!).

But I'm reading it anyway, because I'll read anything, and I see the little section on JAG, which is inexplicably starting its eighth season despite the fact that no one I know watches it except gamgee's dad. And I notice the part where EW claims that JAG has rabid fans, much like Trekkies, who are known as "Shippers" because they want the male and female leads to get together.

Come on now, people! You can be an X-Phile shipper and be all about the Mulder-Scully love. You can be a Buffy shipper and be obsessed with Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Giles, or whoever. You could be a Homicide shipper like me (though I'm pretty sure I'm the only one) and insist Munch and Kay are the OTP (which they are, it's so obvious. I mean, dancing in the Waterfront? Hello?). Hell, I guess you could even be a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy shipper and root for the Fab Five to have a big pretty orgy or something. But you cannot just claim the term Shippers as your personal fandom label. It's a general term describing a type of fan, and your crappy show can't have it.

...Ummm. I can't believe I just wasted five minutes writing this ridiculous post.
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What the hell?!

I'm trying to figure out when my name became synonymous with debauchery.

I mean, when I moved to Atlanta three years ago, Rick used to introduce me to people at Innovox by saying "This is Kelly -- you know, the virgin." Now I have a running argument with 10dimensions over which one of us is a worse influence on the other. I'm carrying around a bottle of rum in my trunk and I've used it to save the day on more than one occasion.

I'm trying to figure out if I'm really that much of a party animal or if I just talk a good game.
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Dragon*Con: How I met Judd Winick

To be absolutely honest, I pretty much decided I had to go to Dragon*Con when I found out Judd Winick was going to be there. I adore Judd Winick. I pretty much babbled about Judd Winick nonstop, to the point where people were threatening physical violence if I kept it up.

Sunday morning I announced, "Today is a good day to stalk Judd Winick!!"

So, off to Artists' Alley with a ton of comics to get signed in tow. The first writer I met was Greg Rucka, who has done tons of stuff I hear is very good but all of his I had read was Gotham Central. All you Homicide fans need to check this book out. I mean, it even has the Board! I told Greg about my favorite scene in the series so far and how it reminded me of Bayliss and Pembleton and he confirmed my suspicions by telling me that "Allen is a low-rent Pembleton." Very nice guy.

Then I mistook poor Ivan Cohen (Greg's editor on Wonder Woman, which I have since checked out and it is fabulous!) for Judd because he was sitting in Judd's chair. I was so embarrassed, but Ivan was really nice about it and we had a terrific chat. At the end I asked him if he would pose for a picture with me and I think he was a little flattered.

Then a while later I got to meet Peter David and told him I thought Q-In-Law was the best physical comedy I had ever read. He told me a funny story about when they did the audiobook for that with John de Lancie reading Q's parts and Majel Barrett reading Lxwana Troi's parts. After they recorded it, Paramount told them they couldn't do it with two perfomers because they didn't have the licensing for it. Peter said they responded with "Fine, we'll just do it with John de Lancie because he has the stronger voice, and you can tell Majel Barrett -- as in Majel Barrett Roddenbery -- that she's off the project!!" Paramount relented. Oh, and he admired my "Jaava the Hutt" t-shirt. Perfect thing to wear to a con. People were stopping me in the Dealers' Room.

Then, at last, it was time to meet Judd Winick. Unfortunately, the first thing I said to him was "I've been walking around the con for an hour saying to myself 'Don't be a squeeing fangirl in front of Judd Winick. Don't be a squeeing fangirl in front of Judd Winick.'" He very charitably said that I was doing fine. Then I gushed over Pedro and Me and how it made me sit down and cry in the middle of a Barnes and Noble and how the first time I read Barry Ween, I laughed till I cried. Yes, I was a gushy fangirl. Among the things I'd brought for him to sign was the collected reprint of the first two issues of Outsiders and Judd got really excited. "I haven't even seen this! Can I show this to the guys?" He announced he was having a fanboy moment. I gave Judd Winick a fanboy moment.

After such a momentous occasion, there was nothing to do but sit down at the PanFandom table and snark with edie22, darkmattr, and misswindy before taking a well-earned nap.

I still can't believe that I met Judd Winick!! *squee!*
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