September 12th, 2003


Rest in peace, Johnny.

As you've no doubt heard by now, Johnny Cash has died.

I knew it was coming -- sooner now that June was gone -- but it still makes me sad. I read an interview with him just last week. He was in the studio doing new stuff pretty much up till the end -- he said it helped him deal with his grief over June.

Rest in peace, Johnny. I hope you and June are looking down and enjoying all the adulation.

And I wish ilexx and I could be following through on this suggestion from m0usegrrl:

"We could hog the jukebox and play nothing but Johnny Cash songs and beat up anyone who tried to stop us! cuz we're tough and punk-ass and shit and it's JOHNNY CASH fer ghu's sake! and sing along loudly and drunkenly like "MAH NAME IS SUE!! HOW DO YEW DO!!!"

a fitting tribute, i think, to One Hard-Living Punk-Ass Sumbitch..."
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Bad week to be a celebrity

I'm afraid we all expected Johnny Cash. But John Ritter freaked me out. He was only 54... my dad's going to be 54 next month. John Ritter always seemed very likable and personable in interviews, and he could act (he was great in Sling Blade). He'll be missed.

Warren Zevon, Charles Bronson... Like I said, bad week to be a celebrity.
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Hey edie22...

I just showed two of my coworkers your George W. Bush/Tony Blair slash. They liked it. I'm sure they'd love to see more.

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