September 16th, 2003


Moral/legal question

This morning Will and I were discussing cloning ourselves (with references to the Calvin and Hobbes storyline where Calvin clones himself and mayhem ensues) and I made the comment, which got a big laugh from Will, that "If I had eight of me running around I think I'd probably kill 'em."

Now I'm wondering, would that be murder or suicide?
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I am such a dumbass sometimes!!

I just dialed a number on a piece of paper and got a funny noise. Dammit, I called their fax line.

About the same time, I heard our fax start making noises and groaned. Dammit, another law firm wants something. Probably RUSH!!

It took me a few seconds longer than it should have to realized that I called my own fax.
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Time to mock the lawyers!!

This morning while photocopying a journal article I noticed the title of the following article: "Sex with Clients: Ten Reasons to Just Say No."

And I'm thinking, does something so blindingly obvious really merit multiple pages in a national journal?
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