September 17th, 2003


I'm bored...

...and you know what that means: Poll time!

Poll #181264 Driving songs

What's your favorite driving-down-the-highway screaming-along-with-the-radio song?

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I love my mom, really I do

I guarantee you that if tonight I call home and mention Hurricane Isabel to my mother, the first words out of her mouth will be "I'm so worried about the Cape Hatteras lighthouse! Do you think it'll fall into the ocean?"
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What would Jesus drive?

A conversation from last weekend:

In the car:
kellinator: It pisses me off when I see someone with a fish on their car driving like an asshole. I want the bumper sticker that says "Jesus would have used His turn signals."
10dimensions: Jesus would have driven a hybrid. Or a VW bus with all the apostles! Because, you know, they could walk along when He was riding a donkey, but you wouldn't want them running trying to keep up with the bus.

kellinator: Julie and I decided that Jesus would drive a VW bus with room for all the apostles.
eaterofgodz: Well, it says in the Bible that "they were gathered together in one Accord."
kellinator: Oh. (pause) Does Accord make station wagons?
10dimensions: Dude, He's Jesus.
kellinator: Oh yeah! He fed five thousand with the loaves and fishes and I'm wondering how He's going to get all the apostles in the car?
10dimensions: It's like one of those clown cars. Apostles just keep getting out.
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