September 18th, 2003


Phrase of the day

"low-rent al-Qaeda asshat"

Left on scarcrest's voicemail around midnight. Yes, I was sober.

EDIT: The original phrase was "low-rent Hamlet asshat," in reference to atomicnumber51's idiot ex-boyfriend, but I say any phrase worth using is worth overusing!!
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Invasion of the Rubber Duckies

A few weeks ago one of my coworkers was doing a library display titled "Get Your Ducks in a Row," so I volunteered to bring in my rubber duckie collection to add a little color. I kinda wondered how all my nice coworkers in their 40s and 50s would react to the Devil Duckies. They all loved them.

Today the exhibit changed, so for the time being I have a multitude of rubber duckies swimming around in my cubicle.

The Devil Duckie's in front. I informed the coworker who did the exhibit that the Devil Duckie is merrily leading all the duckies to hell.
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because alanator asked...

Here, according to Howard W. Brill in the Santa Clara Law Journal, is "Sex and the Client: Ten Reasons to Just Say No!"

1). The lawyer may be censured, reprimanded, suspended, or disbarred.
2). The lawyer may be denied admission to the practice of law in another state.
3). The lawyer may be sued for malpractice, outrage, fraud, or RICO.
4). The lawyer's conduct may be publicly disclosed.
5). The lawyer may lose fees or be required to pay the cost of the disciplinary proceedings.
6). The attorney may be disqualified from representation.
7). The lawyer may be assaulted by a third party.
8). The client's case may be hampered, impaired, or lost.
9). The client may allege ineffective assistance of counsel.
10). Four millenia of Western culture teach that sexual activity outside of marriage is immoral and to be discouraged.

I STILL don't know why you need an article to tell you this...
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