September 23rd, 2003


My preciousssss...

One of my more frivolous purchases at DragonCon (and thank you for not poking holes in my logic and pointing out that DragonCon is a virtual four-day orgy of frivolity) was a raffle chance on winning a framed portrait of the Fellowship that I just fell in love with. (Hey, I was at a con!) I was told the odds were something like one in seventy-five.

This morning I got an email. I won the raffle!!

Who knows, maybe this will finally motivate me to clean up my damn apartment so I can display it properly...
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Oh dear.

I seem to have used up all my obnoxious points for the week. Considering it's only Tuesday, this could be a problem...
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Silly poll time

Poll #183417 The art of losing

Which of the following do you lose on a regular basis?

My mind
My heart
My work ethic
My car keys
My car
My job
My self-respect
My phone
My motivation
My desire to take yet another of these stupid polls
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Guess who I think I saw!!

I was walking on campus retrieving some books a few minutes ago and I looked and I saw someone who I think was Seamus Heaney.

Seamus Heaney!! Seamus fuckin' Heaney!!

See, it could be him because he's giving a reading on campus this afternoon. And I'm pretty sure it was him. In fact, I almost ran up to him jumping up and down going "Are you Seamus Heaney?!" but he was with someone and I was already walking in a different direction and I didn't want to look like a complete and total wanker.

Of course I immediately called scarcrest and told him. His response to my glee was to ask if Judd Winick had gotten the restraining order yet. Bitch.
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