September 24th, 2003


Fables: The crack of comic books

Yesterday I dropped by Criminal Records to see my crack dealer big brother and favorite comics salesman Rick and, as usual, asked him what was new and good.

He informed me that the Fables prequel was out.

For those of you who haven't heard me babble about it before, Fables, by Bill Willingham, is my current favorite comic. Imagine all your favorite fairy-tale characters forced from their homelands by a mysterious enemy taking refuge in New York City. Snow White's running the show, the Big Bad Wolf is the town sheriff, and Prince Charming's perpetually in trouble with his ex-wives.

I'm afraid words just can't do it justice. It just... rules.

And the prequel that's out, The Last Castle, might be the best so far. It's Boy Blue's story of the last desperate boat out of the homelands, and it's got everything you'd want out of a great comic: action, humor, romance, nobility, and a last page that'll just break your heart. Plus, cameos from everyone from Robin Hood to Britomart and the Redcrosse Knight from The Faerie Queene.

Just trust me. Check it out; it's like five bucks for a mini-graphic novel. And let me know what you think.
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For all you fandom people...

umbo has introduced me to a wonderful new thing: crack_van! It's a community dedicated to the best recommendations for a whole collection of fandoms. I'm going to be doing some of the Homicide recommendations when my turn comes. Here's a list of the fandoms they have so far:

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