October 6th, 2003


The lie meme!

This one took me quite a while because I couldn't think of four weird things about myself. But better late than never.

Poll #188400 Four truths and a lie

Which one of these is a lie?

I went to kindergarten with a murderer.
I flunked my driver's test when I pulled out in front of another car.
I was once briefly engaged.
During my freshman year of college, I drank champagne until I puked in the administrative headquarters of my college, under the watchful eye of VUPD.
I once received a mob death threat.
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The latest installment of "Things I Have to Write Down So I'll Know I Didn't Just Imagine Them"

There's something about my parents that I realized this weekend that is greatly disturbing me...

They seem to have gone even more redneck.

ariedana, dawneywawney, tenn_crichton, y'all can just all sit down. I've got you beat in the Redneck Olympics. I could offer many examples as to why, but for now I'll just leave you with the best one...

My parents now have a gazebo in the yard.

You know what the roof of the gazebo is? An overturned satellite dish.

When I pointed out to my mom that this was pretty damn redneck, she got really defensive and started insisting that "everyone up the creek has one!!"

Next time I go home, I am so taking pictures. This has to be seen to be believed.
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