October 15th, 2003


Geekiness abounds!!

"You could roast marshmallows off the flaming geekiness." -- sertrel, on my Law and Order entry and the ensuing comments party

"If we were any geekier, we'd have to go out back and shoot ourselves." --scarcrest, during a conversation in which we sorted the entire Homicide cast into Hogwarts houses and discussed the mating habits of orcs

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The system is down. The Cheat is grounded.

The network's been fucked up at the library this afternoon. Normally this would really piss me off, as I'm very tied to network connections in order to do my work, but today I just keep thinking The system is down. The system is down and completely cracking up. Maybe I'll throw a light-switch rave.

(Click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

I wish I had an animated icon of the time Strong Bad drank a whole glass of soy sauce and tried to fly Bub's concession stand.

So obviously the network must be semi-up if I'm posting this. Well, the assistant director came to the rescue with a fixed IP, but my main interlibrary loan program isn't working. Bugger.
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Be kind to yourself

Yesterday somebody told me to "be kind to yourself." I've been thinking about that and what that means; it's not exactly something they teach you in high school. I thought I'd open the floor for discussion.

Poll #192216 Be good to yourself

What does it mean to you to be kind to yourself?

What are some ways that you're kind to yourself?

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