October 16th, 2003



How do you get Liquid Paper out of fabric -- namely, my new satin blouse? It looks like a bird pooped on me!
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This administration's leaking like the Titanic!!

I would like to thank the always-edifying vidicon, who I recommend you check out if you're not already reading him, for posting this link and totally making my morning (though unsuccessfully attempting to choke back the laughter was a bit uncomfortable):

Bush orders no more leaks, according to leaks

Best part:

"Bush told his senior aides Tuesday that he "didn't want to see any stories" quoting unnamed administration officials in the media anymore, and that if he did, there would be consequences, said a senior administration official who asked that his name not be used."
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I'll take "Culinary Adventures" for a thousand calories, Alex.

I have just sampled Krispy Kreme's new New York Cheesecake Donut, and I am sorry to say it's not all it's cracked up to be. I couldn't get much of a sense of the presumably cheesecake-like filling because the whole experience was overwhelmed by the super-sweet icing, and let's face it, you're already eating a Krispy Kreme donut (aptly described as a "heart attack on a plate"), do you really need more sweetness? Plus there are these weird little crumbs on top of the icing that just aren't doing it for me.

So ummmm. Yeah. I feel like I just took a bath in sugar. Stick with the original glazed, folks.
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