October 22nd, 2003


Your weekly dose of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit geekage

First and most importantly, what the fuck did Richard Belzer do to his hair?! My beloved Munch looks ugly! Not sexy-ugly like usual, just ugly. I have decided that the only acceptable explanation I can attach to this is that Munch and Cabot were having a very secret affair and Munch got that horrid haircut as a sign of mourning.

The new ADA is very, very obnoxious. She will probably be obnoxious and disliked by everyone for about half a season and then magically be accepted as one of the gang. This is what the Law and Order shows always do with new characters. Logan leaves, Briscoe doesn't like Curtis at first but by the end Curtis' kids are calling him "Uncle Lennie." Then Curtis leaves, Briscoe doesn't like Green at first but so on... It would be cool if they actually left her pushy and unlikable, but she's so obviously that wide-eyed "I'm being pushy because I'm trying sooooo hard to do my job" pushy. Which means she's really a creampuff and she'll be crying all the time. Dammit, I wish Law and Order would bother to hire ADAs who had actual acting chops already instead of getting models and letting them learn on the job. Because by the time they can do an adequate acting job, they're on to bigger and better things. The female ADAs are so obnoxiously eye candy. I didn't want Olivia to be nice to her but of course, that's why Olivia's the moral conscience of the show.

Now for the good news: actual real live Homicide references!!!

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Slouching towards thirty

Today is my half-birthday.

I'm now closer to 26 than 25.

Yes, I logically and intellectually know that 26 is not old. Unfortunately, our neuroses rarely listen to logic and intellectualism.
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