October 23rd, 2003


Lawyers Gone Wild

One of my snarkier coworkers (we have regular bitch sessions) sent me this article from the New York Times this morning. We both figure it's just a matter of time till the law profs here start demanding the same...

Also, note the partner's name.

Legal Research? Get Me Sushi, With Footnotes

October 22, 2003
By Jonathan D. Glater

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You kick ass!

This is a meme I got from the lovely becala.

"So comment and tell me something great about yourself. Or a few things. Or several things. Or write three pages about it. As much as you want. Just do it. And don't add any disclaimers or write anything bad to balance out the good. Just the good stuff, kids."

I'll start.

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oh yay yay yay yay yaaaaay!!!

As soon as work is over I get to go to Salon Red and get a hand treatment and get my hair cut by the incomparable Samantha (bellwitch)!

I think when you work in a service job, you especially appreciate being the one getting fussed over and pampered for a change. I hope the cute shampoo boy is there this time...

Maybe I'll freshen up the dye job tonight to go with the new cut.
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