October 31st, 2003


The LiveJournal entry... OF THE DAMNED!!!

Last night I ended up asking myself, "Self, if you like Halloween so damn much, why do you always wait till the last minute to find a costume, when Party City is nearly sold out and there are bratty kids and their even brattier parents everywhere?"

Oh, yeah. Because I'm a procrastinator.

So I went to Party City last night (as did everyone else in the world) and started trying on costumes.

First, the Victorian Vampiress. This looked pretty cool but I knew the combination choker/stand-up collar was going to drive me nuts, so I put it back.

Next, a witch costume that I discovered wasn't even long enough to cover my ass. Next.

About this time I saw someone I was actually happy to see -- kungfoogirl! She and a friend of hers kindly gave their opinions on my third attempt -- a sorceress costume that they liked, but which I thought was just too damn tight. As in, I took a look in the mirror and said, "I look like I should be in the video for 'Baby Got Back.'"

Then... I randomly tried on this cape. Sheer black with a gold spiderweb design. It looked terrific. And that's when I realized that I still have the stuff I wore to Dragon*Con (note to self: either return weaklikekitten's corset or buy it from her), and bingo!

So today I am wearing the cape, my black-and-red lace skirt, my chunky Mary Janes, and a red t-shirt which I will trade for a corset the minute I get off work.

I was planning on dribbling some lipstick and telling everyone I was a vampire, but I think I may stick with what I've been telling my co-workers: "I'm the interlibrary loan specialist [dramatic flourish with cape] OF THE DAMNED!!!" (Most people look nervous and scurry away when they hear that.)

I am having way too much fun. I'm thinking about trading in my winter coat for a cape. I've always wanted a cape. It's twirly. I am way too full of myself. I am so full of myself that I told Will, "There are no stupid questions... only stupid people."
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